How to do a wedding confetti toss

Do you want a picture perfect confetti toss? Trying a few of these quick tips can really help make your confetti toss go smoothly, be heaps of fun which is the main thing as well as look amazing!

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1. If you are planning a confetti toss for your walk back down the aisle, make sure your celebrant knows and let's your guests know when it's time to throw the confetti. The worst thing is a half done confetti toss with seated guests or when they only start throwing the confetti when you're basically at the end of the aisle. Your celebrant may want to throw it in before the bride walks done the aisle in their introduction or if they're a little quirky a happy little pointer that it's now time to shower the bride and groom in confetti after you are pronounced Mr & Mrs, Mr & Mr or Mrs & Mrs is a great way to ensure you get a full confetti toss. It tends to look better if your guests stand when the two of you walk back down the aisle to throw the confetti so although we might all assume our celebrants will ask them to stand to announce you, some don't and it's best to check and gently remind them this is something you want.

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2. Have ALOT of confetti! Petals, lavender, leaves, biodegradable confetti options like rice paper work really well for an environmentally friendly alternative and bright colours and bigger pieces (around 3cm sized pieces or bigger) will show up really well in your photographs. Rose petals are a great size. If you are getting married in a field of grass think about the environment and how your coloured confetti will look against it, for example green on green isn't going to show up as much as bright colours or white will. If you are getting married at the beach with a super bright sky back drop you may find that coloured confetti will show up better than white if you like light and airy photographs. Chat to your photographer about what is going to look best if you're super unsure and want a really awesome photograph!

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3. This one is a biggie. Make sure your aisle is wide enough for you to walk side by side back up the aisle. Really it should be wide enough for you to walk up it with who ever is going to be walking you up the aisle too. Half pushing each other over isn't going to be that fun or look that great either.


4. Getting your confetti. One of the most special stories I’ve heard yet was a grandmother collecting petals from her garden and the gardens all her friends. What a way to make someone feel included in your wedding and that photo be extra special to that person. Another one I’ve seen was the bridesmaids while waiting for hair and makeup they were cutting up colour paper the morning of the wedding. There are so many ways that you can create confetti from things that are all around you, your neighbours garden, bags of petals from the florist, confetti canons, leaves from the tree outside.

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5. Confetti tosses do not have to be during your walk back down the aisle. They can be set up for your big group photo of all your guests or you and your bridal party. It’s a bit of fun for everyone rather than just a staged photo and if you have a great MC to get people excited it can be a huge success.


6. Give people the confetti! Have a cute sign that says take a confetti cone to shower the couple with once they are pronounced Mr & Mrs or have some one hand them out to guests during the signing or just have them on the seats, however you choose to do it, give your guests the confetti!


7. Tell your photographer that you‘re going to have a confetti toss! This is super important to ensure your photographer is on point and prepared for the shot.

Andddddd number 8. Number old 8.

If you really really want the best from your confetti toss and your walk back up the aisle, have your guests put their phones away.

Have an unplugged ceremony where your family and friends get to be in the moment with you, they get to watch you and clap and be excited with you. They don't get to stand in the way of the photographer you've paid to document the day to take their snap. They don't get to stand in the middle of the aisle to take their snap, blocking your exit. They don't get to hold their phones in front of their faces the whole way through your ceremony or swipe through the photographs they have taken while you do your vows. They don't get to stand on chairs at the back of your ceremony to get a higher view for their snap.

They are present, they are listening, they are celebrating with you.

That is what an unplugged ceremony is and it makes for an epic confetti toss.

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But most of all, remember it isn't about the photograph. It's about the two of you, just getting married, walking back up the aisle the happiest you have ever been because you literally just got MARRIED! The confetti is just an added extra to make this moment even more fun, because let's be real, how often in your life are you going to be pelted with confetti by your family and friends and how freaking fun would that be? The photographs are a snapshot of that moment, that happiness, that excitement. That you then get to have forever printed in an amazing wedding album that you can flip through to remind you of how incredibly happy you and your family and friends were in that moment.

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