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Woohoo! I am so excited to photograph you! To get the very most out of your Headshots, I've put together this easy guide for you to ensure you make the most out of your images and represent yourself, your business or your online presence how you really want to.


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When it comes to headshots and branding there are so many different ways in which your images could be used. Have you thought through where you might be using these images and how they might be used? Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Reels, Stories, Vlogs, websites, blog posts, press releases, newspapers, billboards, the back of a bus, business cards or flyers. What are the different ways you might use your headshots now and how might they be used in 6 months or 12 months time. The different uses might actually require different outfits or even crops to best serve the platform or audience you have.

With that in mind, how many images will you need, do you really just need the one pose and one outfit headshot or would you want some variation in your poses, different body lengths, head and shoulders head shots as well as waist up and full length. Would you like some sitting down, portrait and landscape or with room for messaging or branding to be added? Do you need a clear cut image so that your headshot can be placed on various marketing materials. These are the sort of questions that will help you with making the most out of your photoshoot, ensuring you have the images you need now but also those that will serve you over the next year or even longer.

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Express Headshot Sessions are perfect for people who really just want one headshot at the studio. These are quicker 10 -15 minute sessions where you arrive ready in your chosen outfit. We usually only have time to do one backdrop colour with an Express Session. You can expect an unedited proof gallery of 10+ Images for you to choose from with the option to purchase additional images if you choose to.

Headshot Sessions are around 15-30 minutes long. These are perfect for people who require a larger variation of poses including sitting, standing and leaning with variations of close up, waist up and full length. These can be on location or at the studio and you are able to bring multiple outfits along and change backdrops to create a greater selection of images for you to choose from. You can expect an unedited proof gallery of 25+ Images for you to choose from with the option to purchase additional images if you choose to.

Branding Sessions are between 1-2 hours long. These are great for people who want multiple images, perhaps a custom set up or images with props, clients or staff interacting or a series of images taken at multiple locations or with different backdrops. Branding Sessions include a Planning Consultation to plan your shoot, wardrobe and how to best create a series of images to ensure you get the most out of your photoshoot. You can expect an unedited proof gallery of 50+ Images for you to choose from with the option to purchase additional images if you choose to as you need them.


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How your hair is styled can have a huge effect on whether you love your headshot. Even if you're not going to go all out and have your hair and makeup done, a little bit of styling for men or a quick curl of the front of your hair for women to create shape can make a massive difference to your images. If you want that really high fashion classy or edgy look go for super straight hair. If you'd like to shape your face and create some depth to your image, light waves or curls can be a great way to frame you nicely. If you're not usually someone that does your hair a lot, having hair (and even makeup) added on to your booking can be a great way to ensure it looks amazing. If that isn't something that you're wanting to do but you don't know how to do it yourself, youtube is a great place to find how-to videos.


  • Hair styles with more volume will make the face appear less prominent in an image than sleeker styles.

  • Hair that sweeps across the forehead will make the forehead appear smaller in an image, examples could be side fringe or curtain bangs.

  • Partially straight hair with a curl outwards from the face on either side will frame the face nicely and help create a nicely put together look. You can always tuck one side behind your ear to frame the face as well.

  • Loose hair around the face can create a softer appearance and frame the face more than hair pulled back tightly. If you're opting for an up-do, consider leaving some loose pieces around your face if you'd like a softer look. If you like the high fashion sleek look, pulled back tightly can be a great choice.

  • If you'd like to hide regrowth or grey roots in your images, the best option is to refresh your colour or get yourself some root spray. Remember if you're going to use these images for years to come, you want to look your best!

  • For men, freshly groomed facial hair can really create a professional look. This doesn't necessarily mean a clean shave though (unless that is what you do), just more of a really great tidy up to create clean lines. If you aren't some one who does this regularly yourself or you don't have the right tools, many barbers will offer this as a service or add-on to your hair cut!


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Whether or not you're going to have professional makeup done, a great skin care routine on the lead up to your headshots can really help you appear your very best. And I'm talking not just looking after your face but also ensuring you moisturise and exfoliate your arms, legs, elbows and hands, basically anywhere that is going to be visible. This is key to ensure you don't have any dry patches on your skin in your images. This is for the men too, dry skin is not something that can be easily photoshopped!

If you are someone that prefers tidy brows, ensure you get them done or do them yourself before your headshot session. Imagine if this image went on the back of a bus or in a news article online but you'd forgotten to tidy your brows up!

A great way to get more from your images is to get your makeup done. Even if the look you'd like is something as small as evening out a red skin tone, it can really help. Both men and women can add this onto your session and takes place before your photoshoot in the studio by our great team of makeup and hair stylists. If you have added this on, ensure you arrive with clean, dry hair and a clean face with no makeup on for best results.

Don't forget to think about your nails, if you're not a nail polish person and for men as well, simply ensure they are clean and tidy before your photoshoot. If you are a nail person, you could always go and treat yourself to new nails or give them a fresh coat. You definitely don't need to paint your nails or have acrylics or gels done at all. Just ensure they are as you'd like them to be if you were meeting a potential partner, buyer, client or employer, because effectively that is what this image is for right.

If you're opting to do your makeup yourself there are some top tips for this!


  • Extra individual or even strip lashes can really open the eye up but a nice lash lift can do this too, especially for those wanting to add length but also look natural. I love the girls over at LAB Brow Bar for mine.

  • Curled lashes can help to make your eyes appear larger and more open.

  • Darker makeup close around the eye can make the eyes look smaller where as lighter tones around the eyes can make them appear larger or more open.

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Think about how you want to represent yourself online and in print. What is the impression you want to make? How do you want to be presented?

A great idea for Full Headshot Sessions and Branding Sessions is to bring in a selection of outfits, this ensures you'll have a good selection of images to choose from, in different outfits.

Express Headshot Sessions are where you arrive ready in your chosen outfit however a great way to change things up is to take off or put on a blazer, jacket or add a scarf. If your blazer or jacket is likely to crinkle on the way to the studio you can always put this on in the studio.

To get the most from your images, ensure your outfit is clean, ironed and fits well. That any under garments are the correct colour for your chosen outfits and fit well.


  • Blazers, jackets and cardigans are an awesome way to create layers in an image. Layering clothing like this can also help to create a slimmer appearance. If you want to look more casual, you can use a dress shirt or denim jacket as opposed to a blazer. Another option to appear more casual is to use colours other than black on white.

  • It can be a good idea to avoid solid black with no laying. Solid colours, especially dark ones like black can make us appear blocky, especially if they are loose fitting, boxy or super baggy. If you love black, try opting for a pattern, lace or sheer fabric instead of one solid piece. Another option is to layer a very dark matte jacket over a solid black top rather than just one solid piece. You could try a coloured blouse under a black blazer to break the space. Another option could be to wear a body con or peplum shaped dress as that can ensure that the silhouette isn't lost in a dark boxy shaped outfit.

  • Outfits that cinch at the waist are a great way to create shape. The same goes for high waisted pants and peplum shaped pieces.

  • It doesn't always have to be muted colours. Pairing a bright fashion top with a pair of white jeans looks great. Another way to add colour is to use a coloured backdrop rather than white.

  • White on white can look amazing.


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It's a great idea to personalise your outfits with timeless jewellery. A piece of jewellery or even just a nice watch can really bring an outfit together. Think earrings, watches, bracelets, necklaces, scarves and shoes.

Another great way to change up an outfit is add a scarf, cardigan, jacket or change your hair from being up to down part way through your shoot.


  • Shoes with a heel will lengthen your legs in images which can be slimming

  • Jewellery can always be added or removed depending on what look you are wanting to achieve. It can also create a more interesting image by adding layers to your outfit

  • Watches are a great way to create a more put together look

  • Remember to consider how you want yourself to come across in your images and choose accessories that portray that. Ask yourself, is this a conservative pair of earrings that will suit a corporate look or is this a fun quirky pair of earrings that fit in with current fashion trends or creatives? Does this fitness watch actually fit with the dress shirt and blazer or suit and tie or should I switch it out for my gold or silver watch today?

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Ensure everything you'd like to bring along is packed, ironed and ready to bring into the studio. That you have your jewellery, shoes and any accessories you want to bring along with you. Ensure you have an umbrella with you if it looks like rain.

The studio is located in Casabella Lane. You can access the Lane from both Anglesea Street and Barton Street which both have the first two hours of parking for free. There is also a Wilsons Carpark on Barton street, almost directly across from the entrance to Casabella Lane as well as the close by Center Place Car Park as well.

Don't worry if you've woken up with a pimple that morning, temporary blemishes are taken care of in standard skin retouching.


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Still stuck on ideas of how you'd like to be photographed? Check out the gallery and see what kinds of backdrops, outfits and styles you like! Another great place for inspiration, especially for locations and outfit colours is Pinterest. Try using search terms like portraits, headshots, personal branding, actor headshots, anything similar to this and simply add womens or mens at the beginning to be gender specific with your search.

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