Woohoo! I am so excited to photograph you! To get the very most out of your Headshots, I've put together this easy guide for you to ensure you make the most out of your images and represent yourself, your business or your online presence how you really want to.

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When it comes to headshots and branding there are so many different ways in which your images could be used. Have you thought through where you might be using these images and how they might be used? Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Reels, Stories, Vlogs, websites, blog posts, press releases, newspapers, billboards, the back of a bus, business cards or flyers. What are the different ways you might use your headshots now and how might they be used in 6 months or 12 months time.

With that in mind, how many images will you need, do you really just need the one pose and one outfit headshot or would you want some variation in your poses, different body lengths, head and shoulders head shots as well as waist up and full length. Would you like some sitting down, portrait and landscape or with room for messaging or branding to be added? Do you need a clear cut image so that your headshot can be placed on various marketing materials.

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Express Headshot Sessions are perfect for people who really just want one waist up headshot. These are 5-10 minute sessions on one backdrop where you arrive ready in your chosen outfit. An unedited proof gallery of 5-10 Images are then provided for you to choose from with the option to purchase additional images if you choose to.

Headshot Sessions are around 15-30 minutes long. These are perfect for people who require a larger variation of poses including sitting, standing and leaning with variations of close up, waist up and full length. These can be on location or at the studio and you are able to bring multiple outfits along and change backdrops to create a greater selection of images for you to choose from. An unedited proof gallery of 20-30 Images will be provided for you to choose from with the option to purchase additional images if you choose to.

Branding Sessions are around 2 hours long. These are great for people who want a custom set up, perhaps images with props, clients or staff interacting or series of images taken at multiple locations. Branding Sessions include a Planning Consultation to plan your shoot, wardrobe and how to best create a series of images to ensure you get the most out of your photoshoot. An unedited proof gallery of 50-100 Images will be provided for you to choose from with the option to purchase additional images if you choose to as you need them.

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Once you know how you might like to use your images you can plan out your outfits. Think about how you want to represent yourself online and in print. Depending on your business and the impression you want to make, you might like to book a longer Headshot Session or even a Branding Session to create the various looks you are after.


A great idea for full Headshot Sessions and Branding Sessions is to bring in a selection of outfits, this ensures you'll have a good selection of images to choose from, in different outfits.

Express Headshot Sessions are where you arrive ready in your chosen outfit however a great way to change things up is to take off or put on a blazer, jacket or add a scarf.

To get the most from your images, ensure your outfit is clean and ironed and fits well. That any under garments are the correct colour for your chosen outfits.



It's a great idea to personalise your outfits with timeless jewellery. A piece of jewellery or a watch can really bring an outfit together.

Another great way to change up an outfit is add a scarf, cardigan, jacket or change your hair from being up to town.

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A great way to get more from your images is to get your hair and makeup done as well. This can be added onto your session and be done in the studio by our great makeup artists and hair stylists. If you have added this on, ensure you arrive with clean dry hair and a clean face with no makeup products on.



If you are someone who does get their hair dyed, it's a great idea to book in and have your regrowth touched up before your photoshoot to ensure you look exactly how you would like in your photographs. A nice trim or tidy up of your colour is another great way to ensure your hair looks it's best and you absolutely love your headshots.



Make sure your nails are looking nice and healthy for your photoshoot, if you like, go and treat yourself to new nails or just have them cleaned up a little. You definitely do not need to paint your nails or have acrylics done at all. Just ensure they are nice and clean and even for your photoshoot.



If you are someone that prefers tidy brows, ensure you get them done or do them yourself before your headshot session. If you have added on makeup, lashes are included, another option is to get a lash lift or extensions done yourself.

Make sure to exfoliate and moisturise hands, elbows and any skin that will be visible in your images.

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Ensure everything you'd like to bring along is packed, ironed and ready to bring into the studio. That you have your jewellery, shoes and any accessories you want to bring along with you. Ensure you have an umbrella with you if it looks like rain.

The studio is located in Casabella Lane. You can access the Lane from both Anglesea Street and Barton Street which both have the first two hours of parking for free. There is also a Wilsons Carpark on Barton street, almost directly across from the entrance to Casabella Lane as well as the close by Center Place Car Park as well.

Don't worry if you've woken up with a pimple that morning, temporary blemishes are taken care of in standard skin retouching.




Still stuck on ideas of how you'd like to be photographed? Check out these previous shoots and see what kinds of backdrops, outfits and styles you like!