I absolutely love getting to photograph amazing couples like these two, Kate & George were so much fun to hang out with last week and are both such great people.

We headed over to Raglan on the West Coast for their couple shoot. Adventuring around Wainui Reserve and the beach below at sunset was so much fun with these two. I really loved getting to know each these two individuals and their journey together.


Kate owns her own business The Curated Now and if you know me I'm all about shout outs to other businesses that I love, so if you need a digital designer and strategist for your business I totally recommend you get in touch with this girl! George is all about music and podcast editing stuff that goes above my little head, if that's your jam, you can check out his music page on Instagram @thisislasair and on Spotify.

Photographs together definitely don't have to wait until you're engaged or you're getting married or starting a family. This part here is your story to and it's so worth documenting it. Bring along your furbabies and let's head to your favourite place to create some gorgeous memories.