Love Story


Oh my goodness! This year I was lucky enough to head to Down To Photo 2019 in Raglan along with around 30-40 other absolutely freaking incredible photographers across various different genres of photography. If you have already read about Hannah & Taylors shoot on the blog you will already know we got to listen to guest speakers like the freaking amazing James Day, Jim Pollard, Jo Currie and Bubblerock and so many others as well some absolutely awesome suppliers of really cool products and services that I can then amaze you guys with as well!

Jo Currie showed us all her amazing travels around the world and her work with World Vision which was so moving and eye opening. Jim Pollard discussed the safety around working with couples in locations such as the mountains and gave us some really awesome tips. James Day talked us through his very much emotion fuelled style. Simon Devitt spoke to us about his incredible architecture photography. There were so many others as well, the whole experience was just insane and one blog post is not enough to do it justice.

These two, Monica & Justin are a real life super cute couple who came along for our shoot where we got to learn from the incredible Jim Pollard. Look him up, his work around the world, usually in beautiful mountain scapes is amazing! (If anyone wants to fly me to gorgeous mountains I'm all in ha!).

It was an insanely windy evening and we were shooting more into the blue hour than the golden hour but the mood and photographs were still incredible.

As I've mentioned before I am so thankful to be apart of such an amazing and supportive group of photographers and suppliers and that workshops like this one exist for me to get even better at what I do, for you guys, my couples!