Love Story


A family standing on a lowtide beach at sunset

If I could tell you to do anything, and you listen and absorb what I am saying. It would be to exist in photographs. No matter how much you want to hide from the camera the moment you see it, no matter if you hate every photograph of yourself and would much prefer it to just be the children. These are your memories, your childs memories. And when they look back in 20 years time, they want to see you. They want to see what you looked like, and how much you loved them, they want to see how much fun you had with them. They want to know you existed.

Katie & Mark and I have been planning these family portraits for around a year, sorting out the perfect outfits and the perfect location to create beautiful memories and beautiful photographs that they can hold onto forever. We decided on Baylys Beach, near Dargaville in Northland at sunset. That is my ultimate favourite time to take photographs. That light is beautiful and soft and the colours are just amazing.

I'm so glad that I could finally make this photoshoot plan a reality and give this little family photographs of their memories.