Love Story


How freaking awesome are these two. This day was full of dad tears, big hugs and big belly laughs. I already knew this day was going to be an epic one after meeting these two lovers earlier on for their engagement shoot and it most certainly did not disappoint!

Ross and I travelled over to Dargaville and Kai Iwi Lakes for this wedding where Ele & Olivia were married overlooking the lakes. We did various stops for photos on our way back to the reception in Dargaville at the Lighthouse Events Centre where they had a whole bunch of singing, dance and fire spinning going on!

Olivia & Ele were treated to one of my favourite kinds of light, overcast gorgeousness. This mean that even though they had a late January wedding it was actually a really pleasant temperature with beautiful diffused light. This meant there weren't heaps of shadows over anyones faces from the harsh sun and no one was super sweaty either! My favourite kind of day!

With a later than normal dinner due to some mechanical issues Ross and I decided to stay a bit later because there was no way I was going to miss the dances that everyone had been practicing all morning and when you get to the end, you'll see why.

The love, culture and happiness on this day was so breathtaking and we felt so welcomed by everyone the whole day. Happy Anniversary Ele & Olivia!!


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