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Wedding Faq | Haley Adele Photogaphy

Booking wedding photography probably isn't something you do all the time so there are probably lots of questions you want to ask and even more questions you don't even know you should ask. To make things super easy for you I've popped together a FAQ list so you can find out about all the nitty gritty stuff.

What is your style?

I love candid in-the-moment shots and you will see this across all of my photography. I love to capture your moments and document the effort and thought you have put into this special day for you. If I had to put a label on it, my style would fall under a mix of creative & candid documentary wedding photography. For me it is all about the emotions, connections and the moments whether that is with an amazing backdrop or simply throughout your day. I want to ensure you are all relaxed with me and can enjoy having me and my team there as a part of your day.

How long have you been operating?

I started my photography journey in 2012 with my first DSLR Camera and started my business in 2014 after studying online. I photographed my first weddings in 2015 and now I am a full time photographer who has photographed over 120 weddings.

How many weddings do you shoot each year?

I shoot around 30 to 35 Weddings a year with most of these being over Spring, Summer and Autumn.

Do you travel?

Yes absolutely! I have definitely caught the travel bug and I absolutely love to travel around New Zealand for Weddings. Travel is included for Waikato, for weddings outside of Waikato travel costs can apply so get in touch for a quote today!

How many images will we receive from our wedding?

This always depends on your wedding package and individual wedding as they are all different. I always list the minimum you would receive on my wedding packages. There is no limit on how many images I will deliver so you will get all of the good ones that are worthy!

General rule of thumb: If your wedding is super fun and every one is having a great time, playing lawn games, dancing and laughing away then you'll receive heaps of photos of all the laughs and epic dance moves. If your wedding is a bit quieter and doesn't have so much going on or heaps of people are just chilling on their phones then there are less things to photograph so you'll receive less photographs.

How long is our gallery online?

Your password protected online gallery from your wedding is online for 2 years from the date your images are finished and uploaded. You can order professional print lab products directly from this as well as share your gallery with family and friends which is a great idea especially if your family are overseas.

Are our images edited or retouched?

All images are professionally edited. The retouching I do takes care of that giant pimple that wasn't there yesterday and couldn't be covered with makeup, however, I won't reduce or increase the size of your butt, fix your really bad tan lines or remove your aunts-second-cousins-nephew from every photo. Additional retouching can be requested and is priced per image.

Can we have all of our raw unedited images?

Photography, even documentary photography isn't just snapping the photo. There are so many stages that we go through after the image is taken to ensure that the image is amazing and a piece of art. You generally wouldn't go to a restaurant and order the special but ask for all the ingredients so that you can cook it yourself right? It is the same with photography so unfortunately, I will not provide an unfinished product however, I will always deliver some hilarious bloopers from the day if there are some!

When will our images be ready?

Because I photograph so many weddings, families and portraits it can take up to 10 weeks for your images to be all edited and ready. I will post a sneak peak to social media around 3 days after your wedding and I send you through a sneak peak gallery within 7 days of your wedding so that you have some of your professional images to share right away, from this gallery you can start downloading full and web resolution images right away. Once all of your images are ready I will upload your full gallery and once any album proofs are all approved, ordered and have arrived I will pop your goodies in the post or you can even pick them up if you prefer.

What coverage do you provide?

I offer three main packages to suit different coverage requirements and budgets. You also have the option to add on an additional photographer or hours of coverage, engagement shoot, highlight video and albums too. My most popular add-on is a second photographer, this allows us to capture your special day in the most intimate way, ensuring we can be in two places at once especially during the getting ready and the ceremony where I really can't be in two places at the same time!

How long should we allow for our creative couple and wedding party photographs?

Ideally if you want the best from your photographs we need at least 60, preferably 90 minutes not including traveling time or family photos, the longer you allow the better your images will turn out. It can be quite daunting to have a photographer up close photographing you, allowing more time means you and your bridesmaids and groomsmen will have a chance to relax in front of the camera and have some fun - I want to capture the real you, not the afraid of the big camera you. This is also generally the only time as a couple you'll get to have a quiet moment together, so although I know you want to get back to your guests as soon as you can, remember to relax for a moment and take a deep breath - you just got married!

Can we order an album?

Yes! You absolutely can, you can add on albums from my favourite professional print labs as well as purchase prints right from your gallery. It is such an amazing feeling to hand over physical prints and see your reactions - I strongly believe that they belong printed in a way that will last a lifetime and displayed not just kept on USB in a draw.

Who owns the copyright to the images and are they watermarked?

As the photographer I own the copyright to the images, you have a print release to use your images for personal use. This means that you can post to social media, print and share as many of your images for personal use as much as you wish to without editing the image. Your finished images are not watermarked and I love to see you using your images!

Can I give my other wedding vendors the photographs to use?

As I retain the copyright to the images and you have a personal use print release licence your other vendors just need to get in touch with me for a commercial-use licence to use the images I have taken. I always happily provide images to other vendors as I like to share the love and support other businesses when I am able to, I simply require them to credit me for using my photographs.

Where should we get out images printed?

You can take your images any where to print however I do recommend purchasing prints from your gallery through my print labs. Why? Because I use professional print labs which ensures that you get a quality long-lasting product, I cannot guarantee the colour reproduction or quality of consumer labs and therefore I do not use them. You can purchase professional prints, frames and albums right from your online gallery.

What happens if it rains?

Then I hope that you are just as adventurous as me and will get out there in the rain! Some of the most epic shots can be captured with a bit of rain and if it was a part of your day, embrace it.

Do you pose us?

I love candid in-the-moment shots so although you might need a little help with positioning or posing during the bridal party & couple shots, I will still help you get comfortable and relax with me enough to capture those real reactions. If you really have no idea what to do I will absolutely help guide you and even tell you where to put your awkward hands! If what you really want is a super styled shoot I'm definitely all in for that as well so just let me know what you prefer!

Can we get an engagement photoshoot?

Yes! You have the option to add on an engagement photoshoot at any time and it is a really awesome way to get comfortable in front of the camera before the big day and get some relaxed, intimate and gorgeous photos that capture you both and your story.

Do you photograph elopements?

Yes! Get in touch today with your elopement plans and I will create a custom package just for you.

Do you visit our venue?

If I haven't been to the venue before, I absolutely can! It's great to get together with you and visit the venue or scope out the photo spots you have in mind but if we can't get together before the big day that is absolutely fine as well.

Do we need to provide a meal for you during dinner?

If you have chosen an 9 or 10 hour package and would like the reception covered, I do ask that you please do feed me and my assistant/second shooter a hot meal. This will be our only real break throughout the whole day to have a meal and take a moment to re-energise ready to capture your first dance and the rest of your evening. I'm more than happy to go hide outside or in a quiet corner to recoup so please do not feel that you must seat me as well unless of course you'd like to!

Do you use flash photography or natural light?

Generally I won't use a flash during the day, the reason for this is I am going take A LOT of photos, I mean A LOT. No one is going to want to see a flash constantly going off throughout the ceremony and I want to document these moments for you and not distract from them. At the reception however if I don't have the best light or you have an Autumn/Winter wedding often I will need to use flash. I won't however, run around you with reflectors and giant lights during our creative portrait photographs as it doesn't suit the style of photography I provide.

Do you have any vendors you can recommend?

Yes! I have worked with some amazing and lovely people in the wedding industry in New Zealand and I love to recommend them. I love them so much I even have a vendors list on my website listing some of my favourite vendors so far. This list is being updated all the time as I meet and work alongside more amazing vendors.

How soon in advance should we be looking to book?

Generally really popular months, especially Saturdays in summer start booking around 12 months in advance how ever there is always a chance your date may still be available so definitely get in touch. I love to meet for hot chocolates or coffee before you book to ensure that we gel well or jump onto Skype to answer any questions you may have - you'll have me around for nearly your whole day so you'll want to ensure you like me and you know what I actually provide!

How do we book?

It's really simple, we meet for coffee, Skype, speak on the phone or email a lot and if you like me and I've answered all of your questions, I'll pop you through a booking form, invoice and photography agreement which outlines the package and coverage. Once this has been signed and returned and the $1000 non-refundable booking fee paid your date is secured and you can get on with the planning!

How many weddings have you photographed?

I do this as my full time job and have photographed over 120 weddings!

What cameras do you use?

I use Sony A7R III camera bodies and a collection of different lens like the Sony GM 24mm 1.4, Sony GM 85mm 1.4, Sony GM 135mm 1.8, Sony Zeiss 55mm 1.8 and a bunch of other things like speedlites and triggers and stuff to make cool photographs.

My cameras are classed as professional level equipment which basically means for you, they take photographs that can be enlarged much, much larger than your mobile phone ones and they have two card slots, which means the moment I take a photograph I have two copies of it incase a memory card corrupts.

If you really want to get down to the nitty gritty we can totally chat specifications if you'd like.

Do you have a drone?

Yes I do, I often use my drone when making highlight films and taking photographs of the couple. We do have to obey the laws surrounding the use of drones in NZ as well as any weather restrictions like strong winds and rain so I don't always use them at every wedding.