So generally your photographer is going to ask you for a list of family or group photographs that you would like taken at your wedding. Quite often these formal photographs are done after the end of the congratulations after the ceremony before your guests run away or consume too much alcohol. To make these go smoothly and not take up too much time there are a few things that you can have done. The first would be having your MC or Celebrant let your guests know to follow you to give you congratulations (if you want to allow time to chat to everyone first) and a big group photograph. If you want to have group photograph with everyone, it's best to have your celebrant or MC let your guests know that this will be happening and not to go anywhere as they will all be required, or just family or who ever you want in them will be required. Secondly, write a list. A detailed list with names is helpful too. Thirdly appoint a helper or have your MC organise people from this list in the order needed as the photographer is taking the first groups photo. That way, when one group moves out of the photo, the next can move straight in and so forth. You then won't be waiting around in between photos for guests that might have gone to the bathroom, or the car, or to have get a drink. Be aware if you haven't allowed any or much time for congratulations your guests are going to want to hug you and congratulate you in between photographs making this take longer as they haven't had a chance to do so. Some may advise to do the bigger groups first and then send people off as they are no longer needed. If you don't have a lot of time or were perhaps late to your ceremony, another way to do this may be to have your essential photographs done first, the ones you have to have, just in case you run out of time for the rest. This for example might be your parents, grandparents, siblings. You can pretty much estimate that each group will take about 5 minutes. Another thing would be to think about whether any of your guests have mobility issues or may need to leave early and to put them first. A generic basic example of a wedding group photo list may be like follows.

Bride and Groom with...

  • Everyone

  • Brides parents

  • Grooms parents

  • All parents

  • Brides grandparents

  • Grooms grandparents

  • All grandparents

  • Brides immediate family (parents, grandparents + siblings)

  • Brides extended family (everyone related to the bride)

  • Grooms immediate family (parents, grandparents + siblings)

  • Grooms extended family (everyone related to the groom)

  • Friends



You can also add in Bride with father, Bride with mother pretty easily in that too, Bride and Groom with nieces or nephews or children, add in partners of family members. At the end of your must-have groups you can always ask would anyone else like a photograph with the bride and groom and just have people come in and out who want to have photographs which takes a lot less time than trying to dictate who is in each photograph with who. If you have a really big list of photographs, be aware it will take time and it can be a little frustrating waiting on your guests to get organised so have patience and take a breath.