Planning your wedding can be super hard work, especially when it comes to tour schedule! How do you even decide how long to allow for the speeches or the photos or the ceremony? What happens if you're late to the ceremony? What happens if it rains? How do you decide how long to allow for dinner?

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There are so many things that may or may not happen on your wedding day that might affect your schedule, like the rain, being late, hair and makeup taking longer than expected, setting up the venue, traffic. There's a lot.

At the end of the day it is your day, you're marrying the love of your life, the person you want to spend every day of your life adventuring with. All those other things that might or might not happen on your day won't matter at all. But, to make things a bit easier in the lead up, heres some different ways you might like to do things on the day. 


Before you even get to the big day you can do a couple of things on your lead up to take the stress off, book your favourite vendors, do your research and make sure you have contracts in place with your vendors to protect both you and them. Make sure they are reputable and that you are happy with the quality and the service you will receive.


If one of your worries is the photographs or that you'll be super awkward, then have a couple or engagement shoot, you'll be super surprised at how easy and how much fun it really is. It's great practice for before the day and bonus you get amazing photographs to have for a lifetime. Plus you can really test out your photographer and make sure you're going to love the images.

Decide what both you and your partner value, what's important to the two of you. Because that there, is far more important than anything else.

When booking your vendors, theres a number of vendors that start booking a year or longer in advance, like photographers, venues, celebrants, some hair and makeup artists as well. If you know you want a certain vendor, enquiry with them at least to find out if they're available on your date or if anyone else is interested in your date and then when you're absolutely sure that's the one for you, book them so you don't miss out.

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Now, for those schedule options.

You have so many options, first looks, early ceremonies, lunch or dinner or both, evening ceremony, sunset photos, photos on a different day, photos right after the ceremony, photos before the ceremony, elope, get married at the court house and then have a big party with all your favourite peoples, theres so many ways to do it. Let's start with first looks.

First looks can really take the edge of your morning, but theres a few things to think about when deciding if you want to have one. The first part is, seeing your partner for the first time that morning or not. Then if it is something you want to do, the next thing to decide is if you want to do all your photographs before your ceremony. If you do, you need to think about where you want to have those photographs taken. It's going to be super hot and super bright and sunny about the same time most people want to have their first looks, especially in Northland in Summer. What this means is that if it's a normal super sunny super hot summer day, and you want to do this on your beach or somewhere else in the open, you'll have eyelash shadows, eyebrow shadows etc from the sun being right over head. Ideally the best photographs are the ones taken in softer light, like around sunrise or sunset, so if you're planning to a first look at midday, talk to your photographer about your location options for this and your photograph expectations.

This issue with the bright light is going to be the same with your ceremony at midday as well, so you want to ensure where you have your ceremony that the light hits both of your faces as evenly as possible.


Another option is to have your images on another day entirely. This is something people do to save time on their wedding day and allow them to spend more time with their guests as well as go and have their images taken some where really magical that isn't always close enough to their venues to go to on the day.

What ever you decide to do, if you want beautiful photographs like the ones all over this blog, chat to your photographer about what you want to do, what you want your images to look like and manage your expectations based on the location and lighting factors.

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But most of all, remember it isn't about the photograph. It's about the two of you, just getting married, walking back up the aisle the happiest you have ever been because you literally just got MARRIED! The confetti is just an added extra to make this moment even more fun, because let's be real, how often in your life are you going to be pelted with confetti by your family and friends and how freaking fun would that be? The photographs are a snapshot of that moment, that happiness, that excitement. That you then get to have forever printed in an amazing wedding album that you can flip through to remind you of how incredibly happy you and your family and friends were in that moment.

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